Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Charity Auctions

In the past you could only bid on auctions for charity at the actual event. The Internet has made it easy for charities to reach out beyond their limited group of the people attending and attract a whole new audience. EBAY was one of the first to offer auctions for Charity now seen under their Giving Works area. Several new websites are offering Celebrity Experiences.. VIP Experiences... Gift Certificates... Power Lunches.. Autographed Memorabilia... Sports and Entertainment Experiences.. Jewels and much more....
Checkout and ... Support some very worthy causes while picking up some truly "impossible to get on your own" experiences... Will it be Lunch with Liv Tyler... Tickets to the MTV VMA's... A Fur... A Tour of the South Park Set.. A Walk on Role for Desperate Housewives?? Tickets to Oprah... Check out the many priceless offerings available now!

Have Fun! I always do!!


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