Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chrome Hearts at Hirshleifers

Tonight Hirshleifer at The Americana in Manhasset celebrated the opening of their new Chrome Hearts boutique with a benefit for Project A.L.S . A portion of sales from this fabulous event were donated to the organization which was started by Jenifer Estess, her family, and friends in 1998, when Jenifer was diagnosed with the fatal brain disease at the age of thirty-five. Upon discovering that there were no effective treatments, Project A.L.S. set out to put medicine into place. The mission today is to bring the best science to ALS patients in the form of effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure. Project A.L.S. has raised over $30 million, directing 81% to research programs. The majority of fundraising proceeds goes to support investigations in Genetics, Drug Discovery, Stem Cells, and Disease Pathways. The hallmark of Project A.L.S. research is collaboration. Researchers who were competitors now play on the same team, meet regularly, share data openly, and work rationally, constructively, and aggressively toward shared goals.

Chrome Hearts is a company that specializes in handmade silver, gold and leather accessories. It is renowned for its jewelry (rings, ID bracelets, pendants, etc.) which feature fleur-de-lys, dagger and floral cross designs. A number of its products are branded with the phrase "FUCK YOU". Trendsetters, particularly in Los Angeles and Japan, have adopted this among other "it" items to have. Chrome Hearts manufactures jewelry, furniture, and clothing. In their showrooms you can even purchase Rolex watches with one of a kind Chrome Hearts bracelets in place of the stock band or strap. Karl Lagerfeld is always seen in his fabulous Chrome Hearts jewels and his signature CH silver belt buckle that literally weighs a "ton"!! I am an avid fan of Chrome Hearts!!! Some of my favorite pieces are my "Conasse" bag... I'll let you francophiles figure out what that means!!! Then my "F**K" in diamonds bracelet... My leather fur lined black bag for my golf shoes... It is Uber chic and wickedly decadent!!! Lots more ... but I can't reveal all my secrets :-) ....

I must tell you about a new product that was showcased at the event tonight... It is called "Betty" and it is a hair dye for "down there" ... Yes you heard me right!!! I was a bit shocked when I saw it earlier today on the shelf at my local hair salon. They say they are selling like hotcakes... Then to see it again at the event tonight... WOW.. Gee I'd love the 411 on whose buying??? Maybe it can be published in next week's Great Neck Record newspaper... HMMM we need a good juicy story every now and then:-) You'll have to click on the link to the website for further details about BETTY...

Have Fun!!! I always do!!!!


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