Monday, December 11, 2006

Exploring Chasidic Jewish Neighborhoods

Today was certainly an adventure through the various Chasadic neighborhoods of Brooklyn. My mom celebrated her birthday today so since her and I both really enjoy doing this "trek" she decided it was a perfect day for it. My sister a "newbie" joined us on our adventure. First we drove through Williamsburg my mother's old neighborhood.. now it is a bastian for chi chi hippie types... diverse ethnic groups and the Satmr Chasidim who populate the areas around Lee Avenue. Then we made our way to Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights the home of the Lubavitcher Chasidim. I had never been to Eastern Parkway. It was very interesting especially to see the headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch The it was off Flatbush... and then to Midwood and finally to Boro Park. As luck had it we found a parking spot right on the corner of 46th Street and 13th Avenue in the heart of the Boro Park shopping district which goes on for about 15 or so blocks with shops on each side catering to the local chasidic and or ultra orthodox crowd. The street was bustling with busy shoppers.. young mothers pushing their children in carriages... lots of traffic on 13th Avenue... Things for Chanukah were all over.. Menorahs.. Candies.. Dreidels.. Books.. We found several great music shops with a huge selection of Jewish related music... Cantorial.. Israeli.. Chasidic.. Yiddish... and many others.. Then we picked up a few good books at Eichlers... ... Off to a yummy lunch at Kosher Delight and then some more shopping.. Our day was truly enjoyable. I would encourage you to visit these interesting neighborhoods.. Explore..

Have fun! I always do!


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