Saturday, December 16, 2006


Rude people never cease to amaze me!! I was at a friend's daughter's Bat Mitzvah today. During the entire service two women sitting behind me talked non stop throughout the entire two plus hour event... the bat mitzvah girl's speech and haftorah.. the rabbi's speech etc etc. At most points you couldn't hear a pin drop except for these 2 very rude women!! Are people so self absorbed that they don't even realize what is going on around them?? That is so hard to imagine for me!! Don't they realize they are in a spiritual place... at a very important occasion?? I guess NOT!! because you would think if they did they would just SHUT UP!! So I was trying to hold back and not say anything but I just couldn't take it anymore and gave them the "SHSSSHH" much like when rude people talk in the movies. Of course I got a "dirty look" from them.. Who me?? What did I do?? How clueless could they be? VERY CLUELESS!!

Everyday I am in situations where I observe the rudeness out in the world.. people slam the door in your face.. instead of holding it open for you.. is thank you a foreign praise?? It amazes me how often people forget to say thank you... Trying to change a lane.. people intentionally speed up and then if you cut in give you the finger... Not giving pedestrians the right of way...

I was in the city yesterday buying some holiday gifts and while the salesman was ringing up and wrapping my purchases a woman barged in front of me with a $12.00 book demanding that he ring her up and wrap it. Was I invisible?? Did she not understand that she should wait her turn?? I kept my mouth shut but boy did I have a few choice words for her and believe me they weren't Merry Christmas :-) ...

My wish for the New Year is that people would take a moment to realize that there are a lot of people living in this world together and we need to learn that being aware of others and learning some manners would make this world a much nicer place!!!

Have fun!!! I always do!!


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