Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Security Tags on my Clothes

I like to dress very comfortably when I travel and tour. So before departing for Israel I purchased some of my favorite cotton knit drawstring pants and some tees at The Gap. The Gap has installed new security measures on their clothing. First as I ripped off the $24.99 price tag on my pants I noticed a large sewn in tag which said remove before wearing.. Cut off.. What a pain. Being on vacation and with the new security travel measures I didn't pack a scissor. I bought a nail clipper the other day (thankfully) and had to work my way through this hard big tag. YUCK!!! What a pain in the ass!! Then I go to take the price tag off my $16.00 tee and again one of these tags!! So trying not to massacre my new tee shirt I gently tried gnawing through the label with my nail clipper.. Not fun and not easy.. What was The Gap thinking??? I am sure the thieves out there will get wise to this very quickly and bring scissors to cut the tags off the things they want to steal.. But here us innocent folk have to deal with the pain of getting rid of these nasty tags! Why persecute the innocent?? Well just another day dealing with the little nuisances in life :-)....

Have fun! I always do!


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