Tuesday, December 5, 2006


While spending a lot of time out in the Hamptons I discovered Target or as some say "Tarjay" in Riverhead. Hmm having never been in a Target my first reaction was "Where have you been all my life"? Needless to say we (Jeff and the boys) have spent many Saturday nights shopping at Target. It is very relaxing at least for me!! In my Target travels I found my new favorite lip gloss by Karma in Cappucino (tastes and smells like it) for $3.99 and bought about 20 of them to have a readily available supply. If you like 2 piece Tankini style swimsuits or bikini's Target is your store. You can walk out with a very fashion forward suit for a whopping $40. I think I bought 10. The suprise of this all is that the fabrics, colors and styles are all very forward and the quality is great. Or course I am not giving up The Americana or Madison Avenue anytime soon but you cannot beat Target for its choices for the fashion conscious customer...

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