Sunday, January 28, 2007

Great Websites of My Friends

I feel very fortunate to have many wonderful friends.... Friends that I have had for years and years.... I thought I would share a few websites of some dear friends... Unique and thought provoking....

From "About Us" on their website....
When artist Amy Zerner met author Monte Farber in 1974, an enchanted relationship was formed. Since 1988, they have shared their unique brand of life mastery and artistic excellence with their readers in the more than one million copies of their unique, award-winning works published in nine languages. They claim their multi-dimensional relationship as lovers, creative collaborators and successful entrepreneurs can be attributed partially to their application of the intuition building skills and ancient wisdom they have studied before and during their twenty-seven year marriage and friendship, compassion and a sense of humor comprise the other part.

Amy and Monte are dear friends. I feel truly blessed to have them in my life.

Another great website is that of another dear friend Geo Geller who photographed Jake and Dylan when they were TWO or THREE surfing the internet (in the early days)... Geo's site is quite thought provoking.

I encourage you to visit these two sites. Stay for a while. Explore.

Have Fun! I always do!


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