Friday, January 26, 2007

Ron Mueck Exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum

It was so wonderful to finally see the works in person of Ron Mueck, one of my "new" favorite artists. I will tell you his work may not appeal to everyone but it is a must see just for the fact that it is hard to believe the realistic lifelike figures he creates. I encourage you to visit his exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum which will be on until Feb. 4th. It is a must see!!! My interest in Ron Mueck's work started after I had the great fortune of seeing "Two Old Women" in Glenn Furhman's apartment last year during a Women's UJA event. I have always been fascinated by Art that is very realistic and lifelike. Especially sculpture and 3 Dimensional Art. I instantly bonded with this piece as it truly fascinated me. I promise you a visit to the exhibit will be truly worth it!! Also stop into the Museum Cafe for a great lunch and the Museum Shop!

Have fun! I always do!


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