Saturday, January 6, 2007

Service or the Lack of...........

It amazes me that we are living in a world that when you receive good service it is almost a suprise. How sad and thoroughly frustrating. You would think that buying high ticket items at luxury shops, eating at expensive restaurants, staying at lavish hotels and giving your business to high end firms would somewhat ensure this. NOT!!!! (As said by Borat!! LOL!!) You get better service at McDonalds!! How many times have you been in an expensive restaurant with great food and lousy service?? Turns the whole meal on its head... Or having to wait 10 minutes for a glass of water after you've asked 3 times. Inexcusable!!

Is it a new generation of workers? Are the younger generation not being trained properly by their employers? Prices keep rising.. Technology is moving at breakneck speed. People are still needed and they need to be properly trained in their job functions to deal with customers. Every customer deserves proper respect and timely service no matter what price point they are shopping or dining at.

I hope the trend changes for the better although I am not holding out much hope for this.

Have fun!! I always do!!


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