Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sleeping .......

Not being a great sleeper... as in rarely if ever do I sleep straight through the night... I find myself trying to linger in bed especially in those early morning hours when I do finally feel like I could sleep for hours.... My perfect recipe is a slightly soft mattress... 3 or 4 king size down pillows... a room that is no hotter than 65 degrees preferably 63 and a big mushy down comforter enveloped in a Pratesi duvet... Very decadent.... So OK I did finally pull myself out of bed at 1:00 PM this afternoon.... Having pressed the snooze button a million times before that. Made a toasted everything bagel and a great cup of coffee... Hmmm the greatest luxury in life is not having to do anything... So we should all cherish those times when we can stay in bed a bit longer.. and just relax and enjoy doing nothing at all!!

Have fun! I always do!


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