Sunday, February 11, 2007

"One Person can make a Difference"

I can hardly remember a time when I wasn't actively involved in some organization or cause. Years back when I wasn't able to make significant financial donations I just gave my time. I remember getting involved along with my friend Debbie in the JDRF walkathon on Long Island shortly after I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. Now I am fortunate that I can give my time and money too. There is something out there for everyone who wants to be involved with making this world a better place, helping those in need, effecting change at a grassroots level, donating time and of course money. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by lots of people who do this on a daily basis. Whether it is spending time with the mentally ill, volunteering at your child's school, volunteering in a not-for-profit thrift shop, organizing fundraising events, volunteering at a hospital, championing causes and feeding the poor you are making a difference. So what about all the other people out there who for one reason or another never quite find the time to volunteer or never quite find a few extra bucks to donate?? I don't understand that! I don't know what bothers me more.. I think its the donating money! That's very easy. No excuses!!! You don't have to give your time and its very easy to make a donation these days. Especially online. Most organizations have websites and you can easily donate right on the website.
I encourage you all to pass this blog around.. Lets make sure all those who can are reaching into their pockets and giving to the causes that have meaning for them. I think my "cage" was rattled recently after making follow up calls for my children's school for their Annual Campaign. I was shocked and saddened to see how many parent's had not stepped up to the plate to make a donation. The campaign was structured starting at $18 all the way up to 5 figures... So each person could participate at a level they were comfortable with. What a tough sell!!! Oh well....

Have fun! I always do!


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peacewoman said...

Risa-- You are the perfect example of your post. Plus you always have fun! You are a living example of the connection between giving- for- giving's sake, and being rewarded (spiritually and materially). Thank you for all you do! May God continue to protect you and your beautiful family.
love ,
Michelle (Katz)