Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Great Woman Passes Away....

I learned today that my friend Ellie Dubin had passed away from her valiant struggle with brain cancer. I met Ellie almost 2 years ago at a cocktail party in Bridgehampton to benefit The Diabetes Research Institute. Ellie was a beautiful intelligent women with style and lots of class. I remember admiring her beautiful jewelry and gorgeous outfit. Several months after the party I learned from a mutual friend that Ellie was diagnosed with brain cancer. In September I spent 5 hours with Ellie and another friend Sandy Cahn driving to the UJA Lion of Judah Conference in Washington D.C. Although Ellie spent much of the time resting in the backseat we all talked and stopped for a bite at Panera Bread in Maryland. Ellie and I laughed while Sandy rushed us to get moving and back on the road. Ellie who was undergoing treatment at the time wouldn't even think of missing the conference. She was a real trooper. On the drive back Ellie and I spent hours chatting and I had the most wonderful time. I dropped Ellie off at her home and we made plans to have lunch in the next few weeks. I called Ellie to confirm plans but she had to cancel because of a doctor's appt. Ellie's condition had worsened. All those hours together on the trip to and from Washington with Ellie were fantastic. A women of valor has truly been lost. Rest in peace Ellie.

xoxo, Risa

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