Wednesday, March 21, 2007

When you can't sleep at 2 AM

If you've read earlier posts you will know I am not the best sleeper. Falling asleep is not a problem just staying asleep. So last night was one of those nights... I woke up around 2 something and couldn't fall back asleep till 4 or so. What to do?? Surf the web.. And for what... Kosher for Passover food. So first I loaded up a shopping cart on to only find out that the $80 worth of KP cakes, chips, candies and nuts were going to cost $55 to ship UPS Ground. I sense major shipping charge "chutzpah" here... So I bailed on that site. Then while googling Kosher for Passover food I found several others. I did lots of shopping on filled up a huge shopping cart (LOL) with loads of Passover goodies and the mundane necessities like cooking oil, spices, matzo meal.. etc... My order totalled $150 and guess what no shipping charges!!! Granted I will be in Miami for Passover and the access to Kosher food is very good with several markets and many restaurants but I didn't want to have to deal with all the crowds on the Sunday before Passover at either Sara's Tent or Kosher Kingdom in Aventura. Of course I will go there to stock up too but amazing what you can do on the "Net".. My almost 2 hours of being awake were extremely productive!!!!

Have fun! I always do!


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