Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lindsey Inserra - What a Lady!!!

I am very fortunate to have met Lindsey Inserra and her incredible mom Bonnie. Bonnie will be honored at The DREaMS in the City event to benefit The Diabetes Research Institute along with Larry Inserra on May 17th. Lindsey, their daughter is our Honorary Chair. I wanted to share something that one of Lindsey's friends posted about her on Website. Lindsey and her family are incredible people and I am thrilled to know them.

Lindsey Inserra

Lindsey Inserra has been one of my best friends for 4 years now. She was diagnosed with the most rare case of diabetes that some doctors had ever seen. Her condition involves blood-sugar levels that are both the highest and lowest that have ever been recorded. Lindsey has been all around the world to see doctors and specialists, and she has been a part of many "practice surgeries", but she is still struggling every day with her condition. She now has a pump in her stomach that is supposed to automatically release insulin, as her body needs it. The pump fails often, and when it does work, Lindsey is in a lot of pain, because the pump rubs against the inside of her stomach area. She has endured many hardships with her disease over the past few years. The most recent problem was that her body was rejecting the pump. Her family got permission to get the pump removed, but they were denied when they requested getting the pump put back in. Lindsey can’t live without her pump, yet through all of the hard times, I know that I can always turn to her. Her family is incredible too. They take people in that have no homes; they are helping to raise a child that is not their own; they always throw parties when we have nowhere to go after a dance or on a holiday; they offer their home to anyone in need; I know that I always have someone to turn to.

Aside from being my hero, Lindsey is without a doubt a hero and role model within our entire community. She is so special to me and I wish I could have her positive, optimistic attitude. She is so caring, and compassionate. After all of the pain and suffering, and the near death experiences that she has been exposed to first hand, in four years I can honestly say I do not think that I have seen her once without a smile on her face. In addition to Lindsey’s disease, she has had many other issues to deal with over the past few years. Lindsey’s parents got divorced a few years ago, her brother had liver cancer; her mother has bad asthma and is ill because of it occasionally; and her mother’s fiance recently passed away due to cancer. If you knew Lindsey, you would understand why she is so amazing. Her happiness spreads to everyone around her. Lindsey is truly inspiring and she is a hero…. My hero.

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Jessi Zolotorofe

Lindsey wishing you the best!!!!!

Have fun! I always do!


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