Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Top 7 Reasons I haven't responded on time to your Bar Mitzvah Invitation

So chasing people who haven't sent in their "stamped self addressed" response cards is NOT fun!!! Here are some of my favorite reasons people gave me for not sending them in when requested.....

TOP Seven

1. I am a Tax accountant and was very busy....

2. Who is Risa Pulver?

3. I am a realtor and Sunday is my busiest day....

4. I never saw the invitation..... (gee i never got it back from the mailman)

5. Are you sure its ok to come maybe its only for family (gee why would we have invited you then???)

6. What is a kiddush?

7. You know how things go... people get busy and you know how it goes.. (WHAT DUH???)

Amazing how tricky it is to write your name and make a check or an "x" or write a few kind words and stick in the ole enveloperuni.. lick the envelope shut and place it in the ole mailboxaroni???

Have fun! I always do!


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