Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hamantaschen are Fruit Tarts

While shopping at King Kullen last night I noticed a package of Hamantaschen, the 3 cornered cookie with various fillings that is eaten on the Jewish holiday of Purim. Well at King Kullen in Manhasset they are called Fruit Tarts. Same package, Same thing.... Jeff and I laughed... I guess they have become an "all year" treat and since Manhasset does not have a sizeable Jewish population they wouldn't know what a Hamantaschen is :-) ...

Growing up in New York with all the Jewish influences around it is hard for anyone not to pick up a few Yiddish words here and there... Albeit many of them don't translate perfectly into to English and many of my favorite classic Yiddish expressions don't translate well either... But here are a few...

DREK - crap
CHAZZER - glutton, pig
PUTZ - penis
FARBISSENEH - bitter, sour (used to describe a person) GEE I know a lot of these!!!!
GAY AVEK - Go Away
SHLEP - to haul or carry
K'NOCKER - "Big Shot" (often used sarcastically)
BUPKIS - beans (nothing)
CHAI KOCK - worhtless, beneath consideration
GANTSEH MAHKER - "Big man on Campus" (sarcastically)
SHMGEGGIE - Doofus, Idiot
TOOCHIS LECHER - An ASS Kisser HMMM I know some of those :-)

So this is just a start into the "choicier" Yiddish words..

Checkout Bubby Gram for many more words and loads of expressions...

HAVE FUN! I always do!


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