Wednesday, May 9, 2007

No Shows...........................................

So with all the Bar Mitzvah festivities done I can now reflect on something I am sure many of us have experienced but hopefully not. The "No Show".....

Starts off with about 5 Kids at the Saturday service from the boy's school who replied they were coming and never showed!! HMMMM Don't the parents understand commitments... I guess not!!! Then 2 more kids didn't show on Sunday... No phone calls No nothing!!!!! I asked Dylan and Jake if when they saw these 2 girls in school if they said something and the boys said NO!!!! I of course was thoroughly disgusted with the whole thing!!!! No manners!!

Another mother called me at the last moment telling me her daughter wanted to attend The Israel Day Parade and she was going to support her... Didn't see think that telling her daughter that when you make a commitment to do one thing you shouldn't change your mind at the last moment especially when someone has paid for you to be at the event. Isn't that a better example??? I guess not for them.

Have fun! I always do!


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