Thursday, July 26, 2007

My HBA1C is "Awful"

I've had Juvenile Diabetes for more than 20 years and recently visited a Physician for my own treatment at a major Diabetes Research Center that I have been involved with for many years as both a Board Member, Major Donor, Major Fundraiser and Volunteer. Several weeks later I received a lab report in the mail with the results of my HBA1C test and the result was circled and the word "AWFUL" was written next to it. After seeing the "high" result and being shocked and upset since it was way out of range I became angry that a physician could be so insensitive as to write that and then put it in the mail with no further explanation. In all the years I have met with various doctors I have never experienced something like this. After speaking to some friends who are doctors and to some friends who also have diabetes and other chronic diseases we were all equally shocked.

I made my displeasure well known and received a call from the physician. He said he does that with all his patients and sometimes writes terrible or awful or horrible or great. He felt it was much easier that writing out a whole long story to the patient. He saw nothing wrong with it and until I said I was very put off he then apologized. He said he hoped at my next appointment he could write "great" on the report. I don't plan on any other appointments with this person. I have many friends and associates who deal with diabetes and other chronic diseases on a daily basis. I would hope that the doctors are there to help us instead of "grading" us on our performance.

Have Fun!

I always do!


Sunday, July 8, 2007

No DIET Coke No Artificial Sweeteners at Empire Diner

So we sit down at the Empire Diner on Tenth Avenue and 22nd Street and I order a Diet Coke... NOT!!!!!!! I am told by the waiter that they do not serve Diet Coke or any beverage with artificial sweeteners. Hmmm I am a little puzzled but I decide to just have water... Jeff orders coffee and I decide to order a cup too not thinking that they only serve "sugar".... I am told their reason for this is keeping it "old school" 50's style diner and back then they didn't have artificial sweeteners.... WHAT!!! Back then they didn't have Caesar Salads, Blue Cheese Burgers, Veggie Burgers and Tofu..... The waiter says its a pain too and I tell him yes it is especially for someone with Juvenile Diabetes like myself. He says yea I am on the Atkins Diet all the time and it is really tough for me... I tell him at least being on the Atkins Diet is a choice. I really wanted to tell him what a fucking asshole he was to compare choosing to be on a No Carb diet with having a chronic autoimmune disease but I didn't want to waste the energy at that moment.... Then a guy at the next table asks if the pies are from The Little Pie Co. and the waiter asks the manager who says our pies are from several different places. The Tollhouse Pie is from Umanoff and Parsons he says.... Now isn't it a bit hypocritical for a diner who prides itself on being "old school" not to bake their own pies!!! I think they must be too fucking cheap to buy the little blue, pink and yellow packets or maybe they were disinherited from the Sweet N Low fortune...

Have Fun! I Always Do!