Thursday, July 26, 2007

My HBA1C is "Awful"

I've had Juvenile Diabetes for more than 20 years and recently visited a Physician for my own treatment at a major Diabetes Research Center that I have been involved with for many years as both a Board Member, Major Donor, Major Fundraiser and Volunteer. Several weeks later I received a lab report in the mail with the results of my HBA1C test and the result was circled and the word "AWFUL" was written next to it. After seeing the "high" result and being shocked and upset since it was way out of range I became angry that a physician could be so insensitive as to write that and then put it in the mail with no further explanation. In all the years I have met with various doctors I have never experienced something like this. After speaking to some friends who are doctors and to some friends who also have diabetes and other chronic diseases we were all equally shocked.

I made my displeasure well known and received a call from the physician. He said he does that with all his patients and sometimes writes terrible or awful or horrible or great. He felt it was much easier that writing out a whole long story to the patient. He saw nothing wrong with it and until I said I was very put off he then apologized. He said he hoped at my next appointment he could write "great" on the report. I don't plan on any other appointments with this person. I have many friends and associates who deal with diabetes and other chronic diseases on a daily basis. I would hope that the doctors are there to help us instead of "grading" us on our performance.

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