Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SAKS NYC New Shoes Not Worthy

I was in the city today and made my way up to Sak's highly acclaimed new shoe department on the 9th floor. You know the one that has its own zip code HAHA. In my honest opinion totally unworthy!!! I have loved and followed all the best and most exciting shoes since I was a young kid working for my dad in East Harlem selling mostly low end shoes that would be equivalent to Payless today. With all the hoopla I expected to be slowly entranced as I ascended to the 9th floor. I heard all the press about the individual boutiques etc etc. The only area of the floor that resembled an individual boutique was Roger Vivier. The other areas were all just divisions of the selling floor. The areas didn't resemble "boutiques" at all. Certainly nothing like when Bergdorfs had the individual "Chanel" and "Manolo Blahnik" boutiques.

The selection of shoes and designers was also nothing remarkable. I didn't see anything truly unique. Nothing that would outrank Bergdorfs, Jeffreys or Barneys. The mainstream upscale Saks customer will probably be very happy with the assortment but for the real shoe aficionados always looking for something new and fresh disappointment with reign.

Have Fun! I Always Do!


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