Monday, February 25, 2008

No Smelly Food on My Flights!!!!

It is absolutely vile to been sitting on a flight... and have to smell "stinky" food.... I think there should be a ban on eating any food that "smells"!!! On my flight back from Florida tonight all of a sudden Jake and Dylan and I stared at each other while making horrible faces!!! Someone near us was eating something with an indescribable smell.... Luckily I had a small sample of perfume and immediately pulled it out.. Doused myself in it and then placed two small dabs under my nose and the boys too!!! My sister gave me this idea from all of her frequent flying and sometimes... its often not the food but the people!!!!! Oyyyyy..

Have fun! I always do!


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Unknown said...


my art is going to be included in the second volume of
Found Art...I happen to have wonderful photos of the pieces you bought, would you mind if i use them?

(no drinking and dialing and alice in coffeeland, you bought my pieces in nyc when you took you son's to the dentist or some such thing at the artrider craft e mail

ellen sall