Friday, May 16, 2008

No Cash, No ATM, No Credit Card....

What an afternoon I had yesterday.... I took Dylan and Jake into the city for an orthodontist appointment.... On the way into the city I realized I had left my AMEX and Driver's License in my evening bag from the previous night's event... I figured ok.. I have some cash and my ATM card... Then I realized I had also left my ATM card in my evening bag.. OK I have my Visa card... No problems.. We'll go out for dinner after the orthodontist and I will use my VISA... So we go to EJ's and have dinner.. The check comes and I take out my VISA card... The waitress says I'm sorry we only take cash but there is an ATM right over there in the corner... OYYYY I start to get a little panicked... I go over to the ATM and try to get a cash advance on my VISA.. Machine says "Transaction not Allowed"... I didn't want to alarm the boys at all... I went back to my table and noticed that a woman that I know was just seated next to us... OYYY can this get any worse. I didn't have the relationship with her where I would have asked her to borrow 30 bucks... What a disaster... SO I ask the manager if I can write them a check for the difference.. She said let me check with my boss... She then told me she could take my VISA card and process it through their delivery business... WHEW was I happy!!!!
We leave EJ's and go into a shop next door to buy some shirts for Jeff and the boys... We go to pay and my VISA card comes up declined.. I am totally baffled now... Also a little freaked out!!! We get in the car to drive home and Dylan takes my cell phone and says "no talking on your phone" what if we get pulled over by a cop and since you don't have your license I will either cry or get very mad at you!!! We get home and I check my voicemail.. There is a message from Chase bank about potential "fraudulent" activity on my VISA card.. I call them back and get someone on the phone who has a very "heavy" accent... She is reviewing 2 charges with me which were both mine.. No Fraud!! Then I had to answer a series of multiple choice questions for their security... I could barely understand the women and finally asked if I was speaking to someone in the USA and she hesistated and said "your call has been routed to the Phillipines". I was thoroughly disgusted!!!!! To add insult to injury... My card was flagged because I actually "used" it... Gee isn't that what the credit card companies want?? Then I had to spend 15 minutes on the phone with someone I could barely understand. What is happening to this country?? Our own Americans need jobs and American companies keep finding cheaper and cheaper solutions instead of taking care of their own!!! SAD.........

Have fun! I always do! (except on this day)


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