Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Tart Yogurt Wars........

Hmmm the tart yogurt wars... What I am talking about... Before Pinkberry, Yolato and Red Mango.. there was and still is Frogurt from Bloomies 40 KARATS and Lord & Taylor... Addictive.. Tart.. Plain.. Original Frozen Yogurt... If you're in the yogurt KNOW you have been enjoying these for years... With Pinkberry and Red Mango and Yolato popping up all over Manhattan.. stretching to Brooklyn and Queens... we are in the midst of the "Tart Yogurt Wars"... There have been many rumors that Pinkberry may come from a powder mixture??? Is it really yogurt?? I don't know but it is DELICIOUS!!! Did you know that Red Mango has over 140 locations in South Korea? Did you know that just a 30 minute ride from the Gold Coast of Long Island brings you to Flushing, Queens home to both Red Mango and Pinkberry... It is well worth the trip... Decide for yourself... I encourage you to indulge... You will either love it or hate it... There is no in between... I hope you love it as I do....

Have fun!!
I always do!


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