Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

History was certainly made tonight. How wonderful it is to be an American and to be part of a new country. People rallied and saw through all the negativity and bullshit! We are a long way from the fundraiser for Barack's exploratory campaign that Jeff and I attended back in Feb. 2007. Who could have believed that day was history in the making... We have come a long way!!! The barriers have been lifted. We have an African American as our next President! Would anyone have believed this would be possible?? I am very proud that we are becoming color blind and that we are raising a younger generation who doesn't judge people on the color of their skin but on their merit and true contribution to society. G-d Bless this amazing country and all the people out there who believe in equality, justice and a chance for everyone to succeed.

Have fun! I always do! (ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW!!!!)


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