Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to Frozen Yogurt

After a 2 year hiatus from my blog I decided to write again..... Back to Frozen Yogurt.... I am obsessed with the "Tart" plain yogurt... Most all of us yogurt freaks know it from Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdales for many years..... There is a huge following over the years of women who eat this every day. One day, about five years ago I was at Lord & Taylor in Manhasset and there was almost a revolt. They "downsized" the yogurts. There was a new manager who decided the yogurts were way too large. Women were up in arms and needless to say the old HUGE portion sizes came back.... Then Pinkberry and Red Mango came onto the scene several years back.... Franchises have been popping up out in the suburbs for Red Mango.... I just came back from Miami and found the latest in Frozen Yogurt are Self Service Yogurt Shops. There are usually 4 or 5 machines that each have 2 flavors. You choose your cup size and fill them up.. Any flavor(s) you want. Then the toppings bar... Oh the toppings bar.... Usually upwards of 30 to 40 toppings... From assorted Fresh Fruits to Nuts to Candies etc etc.... Checkout and ..... Also just went to Garden State Plaza in New Jersey and found another shop... A kiosk called ..... Several other choices for Tart Yogurt are Haagen Dazs (they even sell it in pint sizes in the supermarkets now) Also Frogurt at Shock in Westhampton Beach and Frogurt at Yogurteria in Great Neck,,, Tasti Delite also has but not everyday... Twisted Yogurt in Little Neck is another fav!!!
I promise each one will be a delicious experience........

HAVE FUN!!! I always do....


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